David C. Wilson
Associate Professor

159 SAMC (Science and Mathematics Complex)
Office: 878-3225

Professor Wilson earned his PhD in Mathematics Education in 2002 at SUNY Buffalo under the direction of Douglas H. Clements. His dissertation titled Young Children’s Composition of Shape: A Learning Trajectory, stemmed from work on the NSF funded project: Building Blocks—Foundations for Mathematical Thinking, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 2.

Dr. Wilson’s background includes more than a decade of teaching high school mathematics with another two decades of teaching mathematics and mathematics education courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. His research interests include problem-based teaching and learning and supporting teachers in reflecting on and refining their practice. His recent work stems from two Math-Science Partnership projects with Cheektowaga Central Middle and High School that focused on deepening student's mathematical understanding across grades 5 to 10. In addition, he is a Regional Director (with Dr. David Henry) of the New York State Master Teacher Program, Western Region (msmt.buffalostate.edu), and in that capacity supports STEM teachers in a variety of professional development activities.  Click here for Dr. Wilson's curriculum vitae.

Certification: NYS Mathematics 7-12 (Permanent), Gifted Education Extension

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