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Ph.D. in Mathematics,
   UCLA  (reload after linking)
 Research Interests: Set Theory and Logic 
 Curriculum Vitae
Descriptions of Set Theory and Logic

 What is Set Theory?
 What is Mathematical Logic?
 More on Logic
 Kurt Gödel
Professional Affiliations
 Association for Symbolic Logic
 American Mathematical Society
 Mathematical Association of America

Books (Amazon)
 Real Analysis: With Proof Strategies, CRC Press. Review Citations 
 Set Theory: A First Course, Camb. U. Press. Errata Review Top13 Citations Solns
 A Logical Introduction to Proof,
Springer. Errata Review Citations



 Links of Interest (to me)
    Flying Sine Curve
    Rocks & Sky
    The Universe Unites Us
    World Dance
    Moon Venus Stars
    Discovering the Proof
    Milky Way
     Southern Moonscape
     Crater Lake, OR
    On Top of the Mountain
     Electric Sea 
    A Spanish Castle
    Tadpole nebula: Star formation  
    Night Blindness      
     From the far side of the moon
     Man on the Moon
     Semicircle at Bryce Canyon
     Messier 43, a large star forming region
     Seasonal Changes - Saturn
     Galaxy Tree
     Rings Casting and Not Casting Shadows
     Butterfly Nebula
     Saturn's Enceladus
     Venus, as a Crescent
     Open, Then Click and Spin around Mars
     Volcanic weather
     The sky is falling
     Let us all dance, rather than go to war
     Venus in Transit   A closer look
     Amount of Water on Earth compared to its mass
     See Six Moons of Saturn
     A seventh moon of Saturn (a skull?)
     Saturn's rings as viewed by one of its moons
     Dark spots on, and off, the sun
     A moonlight night in Greece
     An Observatory near San Jose, California
     The Side of the Moon we never see (highlighted)
     Presidential Sculpture
     Telescope or Microscope?
    Two images of Mercury
   A Solar Eclipse via Saturn
    Mount Rushmore  (South Dakota)
    Two Rock Climbers  (Devils Tower, Wyoming)
     Cliffs and Grass  (South Dakota
    Last departure Seconds later Arrival Last landing
Venus in the desert
    Earth is the Center of the Universe
    Io, a moon of Jupiter
    Potentially habitable planet found  A map!
Auroras of Saturn
    Evidence of a Black Hole in Space
    Star Trails
    Proof that there is life on Mars!
    The universe is watching
    Near the north pole of Mars
    The remains after a star explodes
    A strange night in a Greek village
    Astronomy Pictures of the Universe
    The Greek Alphabet
    A History of infinity
    The Axiom of Choice
    A 4-dimensional Cube
A 5-dimensional Box
    A 6-dimensional Box
    A Charlatan
Bush E. Newman
    Our Ex-President