MAT 163 Calculus I Lab
2018, Fri. 11:00-11:50 &12:00-12:50
Course Syllabus

Mathematica Computer Algebra System.  

Getting Started (Support for Students)


Instructions: Hold down the control key. Click on Lab link,  select "Download Linked File as,"and save to Desktop.

LAB 1  Friday, Aug. 31.  Here is what you should see, after selecting each "cell" and then hitting the "enter" at the bottom-far right of the keyboad.
LAB 2  Friday, Sept. 7.
LAB 3  Friday, Sept. 21.
LAB 4  Friday, Sept. 28.
LAB 5  Friday,  Oct. 5.
LAB 6  Friday, Oct. 12 First Derivative Test
LAB 7  Friday,  Oct. 26 (Higher Order Derivatives)
LAB 8  Friday,  Nov. 9 (Chain Rule and Plots of 3 inverse trig functions)
No Lab on Nov. 16.
LAB 9  Friday,  Nov. 30 (Anti-Differntiation)  Last class meeting.


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